“Establishment of peaceful, impartial and moderate society with equal rights and opportunities for all”


  1. To sensitize youth and children about human rights, human rights education and importance of human rights education both in formal and non-formal structures

  2. To provide access of information to youth and children on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. Linkage of SRHR with their personality development

  3. Awareness about Economical, Social and Cultural Rights to youth and provision of training to youth and children to work as catalyst and peer educators for promotion and protection of basic human rights, civic, political and constitutional rights of the citizens through various awareness programs

  4. To sensitize people about environment issues through various advocacy campaigns at district as well as higher level

  5. To create awareness about peace and social harmony among the citizens by arranging seminars, workshops, study circles and corner meetings

  6. Establishment of District Youth Clubs and District Children Clubs in the working districts to highlight the basic issues effectively at the grass-root level promptly and effectively by involvement of concerned stakeholders, youth and children

  7. Establishment of National Youth Forum to provide youth and children a platform for discussing socio-economic / development issues and to find out solutions of the problems and issues by their own

  8. Research on different social and development issues especially focusing youth and women like human rights situation and violations, human rights education, violence against women, gender based violence, forced marriages, rape, infant mortality, child labor, child sexual abuse etc

  9. To publish periodic journals on the latest situation of human rights and sharing the information and analysis at different levels for better networking relationships

  10. To publish IEC material for awareness among the masses and establishment of Resource Center for target population

Working Approach

IRSD, Pakistan is following Experiential Learning model as working approach with youth and children in its programs:

Core Values

  1. Respect for Human Rights

  2. Responsibility

  3. Accountability

  4. Transparency

  5. Voluntarism


  1. Capacity Building Program

  2. Research & Advocacy Program

  3. Disaster Management Program

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